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Maddy Lou and Mack at the State Fair of Texas


About the Book . . .

Maddy Lou and Mack are a brother-and-sister team taking on the great state of Texas.  And their first adventure?  Well, it's the State Fair of Texas in Dallas!  It returns every year in the fall, and Maddy Lou and Mack are enjoying all the fun it brings along with it - corny dogs, Big Tex, and of course, the biggest Ferris wheel in Texas.  

Join the adventurous siblings on a fun-filled tour of Fair Park and learn about the rich history of the fair that's been bringing joy to Texans for more than 100 years! 

Where will Maddy Lou and Mack head next?

Meet the Author

Krystal Granzow is a certified secondary English Language Arts teacher, and holds a Master's degree in Educational Leadership.  Since 2009, she has worked with youth in an educational setting, using alliteration as a tool to help give children access to higher level vocabulary and enhance their writing skills.​


​Krystal grew up ritually spending "fair days" at Fair Park with her mom, which in part inspired her to write her first children's book about the State Fair of Texas. ​Her real life children are the Maddy Lou & Mack.


As "Maddy Lou and Mack" left the state fair to journey onto their next adventure, so did the Granzow family.  Krystal and her family live in beautiful Vermont. When she's not helping high school and college students with their finances, she enjoys reading, holidays, at home projects, spending time with family, and ALL things Texas.  

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